September 2014, Professor Habin Lee (Brunel University) conducts an Outreach Activity at the Istanbul Technical University by giving a presentation on the MINI-CHIP Project in order to make clear the intentions for its commencement and informing the students about the significance of Green Maritime Shipping.

Maritime Shipping is one of the largest transportation and serves more than 90% of the world trade. Imagining a world without intercontinental trade, the bulk transport of raw materials and the import/export of affordable food and goods is unthinkable and would simply be impossible without shipping. The world however is paying a high price. The emissions (GHG) as a consequence of maritime shipping are taking its toll on the environment as now maritime shipping is producing 1 billion tons of emissions and is responsible for about 3.3% of global emission. International Maritime Organization in 2009 has set the target for 15% reduction in the maritime emissions by 2018. This requirement calls for further research into minimising carbon footprint of marine shipping through collaboration between industry and academia to which the MINI-CHIP project responds aiming to support shipping companies to analyse trade-offs in the operational decisions including energy consumption and GHG emissions as explicit decision criteria.

The objective of the presentation was to disseminate the EU FP7 Marie Curie IAPP and MINI-CHIP project to wider maritime audiences, which in this case were the students of Maritime Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, as well as creating understanding for the significance of green maritime shipping. Professor Habin Lee, who holds the Chair in Analytics and is Operations Management Director Information Systems Evaluation and integration research center (ISEing) at the Brunel Business School, presented the potential approaches to green maritime shipping and shared the value of the MINI-CHIP project for reducing emissions in maritime shipping.

Dr Habin Lee is a Reader at Brunel Business School, Brunel University in London. He had gained industrial experience from BT Group CTO before he joined Brunel. He secured more than 2 Million Euros worth research grants including nine EU FP7 and Qatar National Research Foundation grants. His innovative research on the application of agent technology to business process management, supply chain management, and technology innovation process was awarded with the WfMC Workflow Excellence Award, IET Innovation Award, and BT Technology Award. He published articles on ABS 4* and 3* journals including Management Science, Industrial Marketing Management, Technological Forecasting and Social Changes, IEEE Pervasive Computing, IEEE Tr. Mobile Computing and so.


Professor Habin Lee (Brunel University) conducting his Outreach Activity at Istanbul Technical University


Professor Habin Lee (Brunel University) conducting his Outreach Activity at Istanbul Technical University


The participating students of Istanbul Technical University

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