Throughout the MINI-CHIP project two MINI-CHIP Open Days will be planned. The first MINI-CHIP Open Day will be organized in Istanbul at the 20th Month of the project, April 2015.

MINI-CHIP Open Day Istanbul

The objective of the MINI-CHIP Open Day Istanbul is to inform the local and international maritime businesses, institutes as well as the local universities and maritime factulties about the MINI-CHIP project and its importance for the maritime Industry.  Two lectures will be given, one in the morning focussing on business and one in the afternoon focused on graduates and post graduates.  Before and after the lectures the progress of the MINI-CHIP project will be shown by the present project participants. More information on the organization is to follow.

The second MINI-CHIP Open Day will be held in month 28, December 2015 in London at Brunel University.

MINI-CHIP Open Day London

The MINI-CHIP Open Day London will be part of a two day workshop given by the project participants of Brunel University. More information on the organization is to follow.



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