At the 27th of April between 1PM and 3PM the MINI-CHIP consortium will conduct a seminar about the MINI-CHIP Project at the Piri Reis University in coordination with and Piri Reis University and GMO, the Turkish Chamber of Naval Architects which is open to public. During the seminar the following topics will be passed in.. read more →

The MINI-CHIP consortium members will give a presentation on the progress of the MINI-CHIP project with a special focus on findings as a result from the conducted literature review, the developed MINI-CHIP model and the development of the first Decision Support System (DSS) version. EMCIS 2015 besides placing an open call for the submission of papers on.. read more →

22 Oct 2014
October 22, 2014

MINI-CHIP Summer School July 2016

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At the 35th Month of the project, July 2016, the MINI-CHIP Maritime Summer School will be organized in Istanbul. This one week of MINI-CHIP Maritime summer school gives undergraduate and post-graduate students the opportunity to learn about metaheuristic optimization techniques, agent-based simulations and their application to maritime routing problems to overcome the growing environmental issues.. read more →

Throughout the MINI-CHIP project two MINI-CHIP Open Days will be planned. The first MINI-CHIP Open Day will be organized in Istanbul at the 20th Month of the project, April 2015. MINI-CHIP Open Day Istanbul The objective of the MINI-CHIP Open Day Istanbul is to inform the local and international maritime businesses, institutes as well as.. read more →

IAPP Coordinators Meeting, 24th of February 2014 Ahmet Bilici, the project manager of Promatech  who within the MINI-CHIP consortium is responsible for Work Package 3 Knowledge transferring and Work Package 4 Dissemination and Exploitation, assisted to the Project Coordinators Meeting organized by the REA in Brussels on the 24th of February 2014. The IAPP meeting.. read more →