March 2014,

Arkas Line, the only Turkish ship-owner company that is a member of the Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG), is supporting the “Mini-Chip” project, which was started by a joint effort between Arkas Line, Arkas Marine Fleet, PROMATECH Maritime Technology and Brunel University in London. Started with funds from the European Union, this project will take four years to complete.

Eighty percent of ship-owners in the world container transport market are a member of CCWG, which has a goal of regulating emission rates in the shipping sector, and Arkas Line is the only Turkish ship-owner that is a member of this organization. As part of its membership in CCWG, Arkas Line has begun to more effectively monitor its environmental performance, so it is providing support for new projects.

A project started by the Arkas Marine Fleet on September 1, 2013 called Mini-Chip (MINImising the Carbon footprint of maritime sHIPping) has a goal of reducing carbon emissions by achieving fuel consumption savings on sea vessels. Brunel University is working on research and development for the project, and that research will be converted into software by PROMATECH Maritime Technology, a company founded by a lecturer from Istanbul Technical University.

Vessels operated by Arkas Line will provide a research platform to provide data for this project, which is scheduled for completion in 2017.No known research has been performed in the shipping sector on the matter of carbon footprints that is based on goals for service and cost. In order to accomplish this, the Mini-Chip project will optimize service quality and costs by developing mathematical formulas to measure carbon footprints in the shipping sector.


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